What is included in the Brain Bees i-Flash?

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What is included in the Brain Bees i-Flash?

The content are provided in thematic and contextual-based, which words learned are related to your child’s surrounding. By relating information to what your child already know, your child is able to remember the learned words faster every time he/she encounter the words in his/hers surroundings as he/she will use the words to address those things. To ease your child when he/she started his/hers first schooling, Brain Bees i-Flash’s lessons are well-planned syllabus which is based on Malaysian education.

In Brain Bees i-Flash learning system, a complete learning session consists of three simple steps:

Step 1: Your child will be familiarized with new Chinese characters.
Step 2: Pictures will be presented to your child in order to understand the words that have been introduced in the step 1.
Step 3: Your child will be reinforced of what have been learned on step 1 and step 2 through our specially designed interactive games and fun readings.

The purpose Brain Bees i-Flash includes these three different approach steps is to allow your child to rehearse information he/she has already learned. By letting your child reviews what being learned on the same day they learned it and at intervals thereafter, it will yield a more effective than cramming, especially for retaining what your child has learned.
“What you see is what you get”. Based on this term, Brain Bees i-Flash also includes lessons that involved as many senses as possible. Associating vivid, colorful, and three-dimensional visual image with clear rhymes and pronunciations can help imprint the newly learned Chinese characters onto your child’s brain. This effectively teaches your child not just the sounds of written words, but their meanings too.

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