What is Brain Bees i-Flash?

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What is Brain Bees i-Flash?

Brain Bees i-Flash, a multimedia flash cards system, is designed for all dedicated parents the tool required to cultivate highly intelligent, enormously capable and delightful children.

Exposing your child to this learning system at a very early age, your child can definitely benefit the most and learn the fastest. Therefore, we recommend this learning system for your child from four months to six years old.

Worried your child is too young to be taught? The essential aim of baby education is not to push your child to impart every single boring fact to his/hers brain, but rather to stimulate his/hers brain, as this will ease him/her when he/she started his/hers first schooling. In addition, the lessons in Brain Bees i-Flash are specially prepared with well-planned syllabus in order to make easier for your child to learn in a fast yet stress-free pace.
What makes Brain Bees i-Flash outstanding from other existing product is that our Brain Bees i-Flash is designed to integrate interaction of three parties: parental, children, and, computer (flash card system) in mind. With parents following-up the learning process of their children and the utilization of various interactive features (associating words with pronunciation, cute pictures, animation, and sound effects), Brain Bees i-Flash is what all the parents desire most to provide to their beloved children.

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