Our Methodology

“Early literacy is one of the most important elements in shaping the life and future of our children.”

Let your children be ready to read when they go to school and making early school experiences a pleasurable and even a thrilling experience for them.


brainbees™ i-Flash is a multimedia flash card system, specially designed to cultivate highly intelligent, enormously capable and delightful children. We have designed brainbees™ i-Flash to update the learning for your child on daily basis. You just need THREE SIMPLE STEPS.


Flash the words using brainbees™ i-Flash. In this step, your child will learn new words through the cards flashing process. Rapid flashing activates both left and right brain to receive the new knowledge. Thus, this is a whole brain learning process.

The content are provided in thematic and contextual-based, which words learned are related to your child’s surrounding. There are approximately 25 cards flashed each day. Each flash card is flashed consistently for ONE second with clear voice-over. brainbees™ i-Flash has been programmed to update the list of words on daily basis.

You only need approximately 30 seconds for this session.


Flash the pictures. In this step, your child will be learning the meaning of the words in the STEP 1. Pictures are flashed with voice-over. This, will help your child to connect words, pictures, and, voice over.

Similar to the STEP 1, each picture will flash for ONE second with clear voice-over. brainbees™ i-Flash will update the list of pictures according to the list of words on daily basis.

You only need approximately 30 seconds for this session.


This is the session of reinforcement for your child. Children are more motivated and easier to learn when they are in good mood. In this step, your child will reinforce through interactive games and fun readings.


Interactive games provide a fun and engaging environment for the children to learn. Active participation promotes higher retention level and motivation towards learning. Interactive games are specially designed to engage the children in learning activity and thus ensure them in mastering the words that they learned in STEP 1 and STEP 2.


The fun readings enable early literacy and cultivate your child with reading habit. Fun readings are prepared for parents to build your child reading ability through small step approach. It has been arranged in the sequence of :

  • Couplets
  • Short sentences
  • Full sentences
  • Poems and short stories

The words shown in the readings are those words from STEP 1. Thus, your child can easily read the fun readings.

“Learning is a never ending journey… we make learning FUN!!!”

The first 6 years is the most important years of your child’s brain development. Your child’s brain is so adaptable that learning is effortless for her. An unbeatable way of unleashing such potential is through the use of flash cards incorporate play to provide positive mental stimulation. This approach will help strengthen the neural pathway that lay the foundation for her cognitive, emotional and social intelligence.