Parents’ standpoint

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What is/are the benefit(s) that can be obtain from: Parents’ standpoint

  • By using normal flash cards, parents have to prepare in advance the whole learning session in order to ensure the child learns new knowledge from it. It is still bearable for the initial week of practicing this learning method. However, parents, especially those who are occupied with their busy working schedule, will be worn out thinking of creative ideas in creating and assembling the whole learning session for each single day.Moreover, whenever starting a learning session, parents will have to separate the stack of flash cards from the picture flash cards. Then, arrange and shuffle the word and picture flash cards separately into stacks in the order with which they want to show the cards to their child. Just by doing the preparation, parents have to waste lots of time.

    Many aspects to facilitate a success flash card learning method need not to be considered anymore as Brain Bees i-Flash contains an auto-updating comprehensive and well-planned content. To start a learning session, parents can just simply start with few mouse clicks. No need crack for ideas and no need early planning anymore!

  • It is an impossible multi-task for parents to carry out: first, manually maintaining the speed of flashing each card and pronounce each character within a second and; second, at the same time, to ensure that the enjoyable learning environment is being preserved as well as the child is paying full attention. With Brain Bees i-Flash, parents won’t have to be bothered anymore and can fully concentrate to teach their beloved child.
  • Parents need not to cram their mind to prepare any interactive session to strengthen what being taught to the child during flashing cards session as Brain Bees i-Flash has specially designed interactive games and fun readings for your child to play as well as learn.
  • For English-educated parents, never trouble yourselves to master Mandarin in advance before teaching the child. Parents also can benefit from Brain Bees i-Flash as it comes with perfectly accurate pre-recorded pronunciation and a complete English explanation for each Chinese characters as well as English-based instructions. Therefore, parents can learn Mandarin along with the child instead of worrying about mislead the child’s understanding with incorrect meaning and pronunciations. As the saying goes, shooting two birds with a stone, not only both parents and child can master Mandarin in the end of the learning session, but also promoting a closer parenthood.