Child’s standpoint

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What is/are the benefit(s) that can be obtain from: Child’s standpoint

  • The essential aim of baby education is not to push your child to impart every single boring fact to their brain, but rather to stimulate his/her brain, as this will ease them when they started their first schooling. Your child is able to recognize characters by hearing the pronunciation as well as the characters’ writing since he/she is four months old. At the age of two, your child is able understand and utilize the learned characters to refer the things that he/she encountered in the surrounding. You should buy more reading materials for your child as soon as he/she reached the age of three since he/she is fully understood each character’s meaning. As your child grows till he/she start schooling, he/she will not face any reading or understanding difficulties like other children as your child is steps ahead from them. Moreover, to ease your children when they started their first schooling, Brain Bees i-Flash’s lessons are well-planned syllabus which is based on Malaysian education.
  • The main reason why Mandarin is chosen as the teaching languages for Brain Bees i-Flash is: Chinese characters are formed from graphical basis. Hence, your child can differentiate and remember Chinese characters at ease by observing on how the character is written. By analyzing this way, experts have studied that the earlier a child is being approached by Chinese characters, the higher his/her IQ will be.
  • Photographic memory is the best enhancement for human right brain, where it allows a brain to quickly process and store information. To develop this ability, literacy through flashing cards is the most effective way. Research studies found that, a child who frequently uses right brain’s photographic memory to enhance literacy development, it can optimize three essential key abilities: memory power, concentration level and behavioral attribute. In addition, a child also able to boost his/her level of confidence; increases his/her learning interest as well as eliminate academic burden as soon as he/she started schooling.
  • Flash cards have been acknowledged by educational researchers as the fastest and easiest way to develop right brain’s literacy. Flash cards are able to build up a child’s concentration as well as retention level. Besides, it is easily engaging a child’s brain cells to speed up his/her reading skills. As flash cards condense all of the information in a set of cards, this can speed the passage of information from short-to long-term memory, and also it can keep up a child’s enthusiasm in learning as well as cultivate their reading ability.