What is/are the additional pro(s) that can be gained from the Brain Bees i-Flash compared to other available products?

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What is/are the additional pro(s) that can be
gained from the Brain Bees i-Flash compared to other available products?

With the advance of current technology, there is a wide range of existing multimedia flash cards system; causing parents tend to encounter difficulty in choosing the best teaching aid tool for their child. Brain Bees i-Flash is a multimedia flash cards system is designed for all dedicated parents the tool required to cultivate highly intelligent, enormously capable and delightful children. Like any other products, Brain Bees i-Flash includes the functionalities of learning through flashing word cards as well as picture cards that comes with audio pronunciations. But, what makes Brain Bees i-Flash stands out from other products?

Firstly, the reinforcement features

Brain Bees i-Flash is specially designed with a session of reinforcement of what your child have learned during the flashing card session through interactive games and fun readings. Interactive games, such as listening literacy and visual literacy, are to ensure your child mastered the words that being learned in step 1 and step 2. On the other hand, reading materials is another reinforcement approach that enables early literacy and cultivates your child with reading habit. This can solve the problems that troubled most parents where they often are drawn to high pressure and time wastage in thinking on how to prepare an interactive session that can strengthen of what being taught to the child during flashing cards.

Secondly, the comprehensive content.

Brain Bees i-Flash contains more than 700 Chinese characters in 10 themes supported by 600 pictures, from couplets, to short sentences, full sentences, poems and short stories that able to broaden the intellectual of your child. Moreover, the lessons in Brain Bees i-Flash are specially prepared with well-planned syllabus in order to make easier for your children to learn in a fast yet stress-free pace.

Thirdly, the interaction.

Brain Bees i-Flash was designed by integrating interaction of three parties: parental, children, computer (flash card system) in mind. With parents following-up the learning process of their children and the utilization of various interactive features (associating words with pronunciation, cute pictures, animation, and sound effects), Brain Bees i-Flash is what all the parents desire most to provide to their beloved children.