How to activate Brain Bees i-Flash?

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How to activate Brain Bees i-Flash?

Step 1:
Click on the Brain Bees i-Flash icon
BrainBees_ iconto start the program. (Note: You only need the CD for installation. Once you have installed the program, you will not need to insert the CD each time running the program.)

If it is your first time of running the Brain Bees i-Flash, the program will automatically prompt you to activate your software as below:


Note: Each Brain Bees i-Flash is only licensed to ONE machine. Please make sure this is the machine for the learning of your child before activating.

Step 2:
Click on the “Activate Now” button.


The program will then display as below:


Step 3:
Fill in all the details: serial number, e-mail address and mobile number. Then click on the “Get Password” button.


Step 4:
After getting your password, click “Enter Password” as shown below:


Step 5:
Enter the password in the pop up box as shown below:


A pop up box will be shown in your computer screen to indicate activation success. You can start enjoy using your Brain Bees i-Flash!

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