The purchasing process.

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The purchasing process.

Step 1:
Visit the Brain Bees i-Flash Online Store by clicking on “Store” on the top of navigation bar.
Step 2:
Choose your options by selecting your delivery method and item quantity. (Note: Each serial number is only valid for ONE computer.)
Step 3:
Once finished with your customizations, click on the “Add to Cart” button.
Step 4:
Before you can purchase our Brain Bees i-Flash, you must sign in first. If you haven’t sign up yet, join our membership for free.
join_memberStep 5:
Once you had signed in, you can proceed to review your Shopping Cart.
As your delivery method is through shipping, it is stated in this purchase order “Delivery Method” section.
Step 6:
Choose your payment method.
You can choose either to:(a) Pay online through PayPal

Step 7:
Click on this “Proceed to checkout” icon.

Step 8:
Once you clicked the “Proceed to checkout” icon, you will be link to PayPal webpage. Do check whether you are paying for the right thing, right amount and right person. Log in to your own PayPal account to proceed to the payment process.
paypal 1
Step 9:
After logged in, you just follow the steps given by PayPal to pay your order. Once you finished the payment, you need to click
to go back to our Brain Bees webpage to view whether your payment is confirmed. The page is displayed as followed:
Step 10:
The shipping process may take 3 to 5 working days depends on the chosen delivery method. You will be notified through email about your Brain Bees i-Flash’s CD installer is being delivered. Enjoy your very own Brain Bees i-Flash!

(b) Pay offline through Bank Transfer

Step 7:
Read and follow the offline payment steps that are stated at the “Purchase Order” page. (See below)


Step 8:
Remember to print out your purchase order. Just click on the “Print Purchase Order” icon

and the following statement will show up. Print that statement.

Step 9:
As stated in “Offline payment steps (Bank Transfer)”, you must fax the payment slip and printed purchase order to us.

Brain Bees Cognitive Neuroscience Sdn Bhd
Telephone Number: +604 645 2366
Fax Number: +604 645 2366
Email: [email protected]

Step 10:
Once your payment is verified, we will send the product to you through the chosen delivery method (ship the box to me). The process may take 3 to 5 working days depends on the chosen delivery method (ship the box to me). Enjoy your very own Brain Bees i-Flash!

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