How to Unlock Your Child's Potential In Leaning Mandarin

The ONLY Personalized Coaching Blended-Learning system .  Come for a free trial Mandarin class NOW!

What Your Child will learn :

· Children will recognize up to 1000 Chinese characters effortlessly using our well-structured digital flash card system incorporated with fun activities.

· Children will understand the meaning of the Chinese characters they recognized and able to translate with their first language.

· Children will be able to apply their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in Mandarin with the vocabularies they learned confidently.

· Children will learn to be focused and handling their tasks independently or in small group.

· Children will get personal coaching from our experienced tutors in order to build their interest, confident and result.

· Children will be exposed to various kinds of fun activities such as classroom games, Chinese nursery rhymes singing, thematic and Chinese cultural sharing, multimedia movies showing, poems or stories reading and etc.

· Children will be layered with strong Mandarin foundation.

What Other People Say

Mr. & Mrs OoiParents of Aidan Ooi & Zackery Ooi

“Brain Bees is one of the best Mandarin school in town. Both my sons have started attending classes with them since they were 3 years old. At Brain Bees, they have made learning Mandarin fun, interactive and most importantly, their teaching methods are effective. Thanks to the group of very dedicated teaching team at Brain Bees, both my sons have grown to love the Mandarin language and are able to grasp it easily. With the team's dedication and commitment, my elder son, who is 9 years old, is able to work independently and had even been placed in the advanced stream at school. We never thought this was ever possible because my husband and I are non speaking Mandarin parents. Thank you Damon and all at Brain Bees, for planting the seed of love for the Mandarin language in my children. I'm so glad we found you.”

Mr. & Mrs SoongParents of Amelia Soong & Andrew Soong

Brain Bees has helped my kids understand the language a lot better and developed an independent learning behavior. Their computer interactive program makes learning fun and create enjoyable environment for both parents and children. With experienced and dedicated intructors, my kids are more comfortable and confident in their studies, thus giving them a great head start at school.

Mrs LiewParent of Ryan Liew

The teachers are very dedicated and patient. Their program is easy to digest. Good for beginners.

About Brain Bees Mandarin

Brain Bees is specialized in Mandarin teaching-learning programmes targeting children and adults since 2008. Hundreds of students benefited from our blended teaching-learning system – a personalized student coaching program in the classroom and continue at home with the support of online multimedia content.

Soon after graduated and obtained Masters Degree in Education (2007), Brain Bees Principal, Teacher Damon Choy has started to teach Mandarin as foreign language and set up Brain Bees Mandarin House in year 2010.

Teacher Ng Khai Wee who has 8 years of experience in teaching Mandarin as first and second language. She is now pursuing her Masters Degree in Chinese Studies, University Malaya.

With her Diploma in Mass Communication and Certificate in Child Studies, Teacher Jerial Chong Yen Yee further enhances her teaching experience for 15 years with young children. She is also an experienced English-Mandarin interpreter.

In This Free Trial Class, Your Child Will Receive:

Diagnostic evaluation

One-on-one coaching

Fun activities

Introduce to a new learning method

Teachers' consultation at the end of the session

Learning Steps in Action

Worksheets application

Our program is suitable for

  • - Any zero knowledge  from 3.5 to 10 years old young children
  • - Any pre-primary children who will enter to the Chinese primary schools.
  • - Any primary level International school students.

Visit to our learning centre

Brain Bees Mandarin House

21A, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 3,

Taman Tun Dr. Ismail,

60000 Kuala Lumpur.

(2 doors away from RHB)

This Mandarin trial class is worth RM70.

Today, We are offering it for FREE!

Offer before end of October  2017 limited to 15 students only. First come first serve.

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